A Little Bit About Us

Assessbank is a dedicated exam platform company based in Canada. The Assessbank exam platform is founded on the open-source TAO Core platform which is then customized to meet the specific needs of each client. The platform itself is purpose-built for high stakes testing applications and its structure and function both mirrors and supports the psychometric processes required to implement them. Worldwide, the TAO code base has been battle-tested with millions of users and test takers, while the Assessbank version has been used with multiple Canadian regulators in applications ranging from licensure to jurisprudence, multiple-choice to OSCE.

Our business model is to customize and modify a battle tested, high stakes, assessment software for our clients. Importantly, Assessbank’s team of developers are dedicated to enhancing and modifying functionality of the system to meet its client’s needs. Assessbank understands testing. We possess a proven track record of designing and delivering defensible online examination programs for regulated professions in Canada using the Assessbank platform. We partner with our clients and believe their success is our success. Our team builds strong relationships with our clients that are cooperative and collaborative. We also have the confidence to use our expertise and experience to share alternative solutions when they may better fit the situation. Assessbank is part of the Canadian regulatory environment.

We understand regulation because we’ve been a part of putting it into practice for many professions. Our range of technical expertise in both psychometrics and technology means that we can implement a solution that aligns with your priorities as a regulator. Moreover, we humbly believe that we’re enjoyable to work with, mostly because we enjoy working with our clients, their stakeholders, and with each other. We are never just a vendor to our clients; we partner with them and work as a team to deliver successful outcomes.
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