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"Why use AI when building tests?"

Imagine being able to click a button and create thousands of valid test questions based on your specific topic or own reference material, complete with rational, distractors, and reference source meta-data. Thanks to the power of Assessbank's AI based test question generator that time has come!

Why use our AI System?

Have you considered using AI to assist with your test question building process? Perhaps you have even attempted to use it and found that it doesn't produce questions that are useful, defensible, or psychometrically valid?
Assessbank uses our extensive expertise in psychometrics and the item building process to leverage AI to generate quality questions, backed with rational and reference material meta-data.

 AI Generator Types

Generic Question 

The A.I question generator allows users to describe a topic they need test questions for, then A.I will do its magic and create a list of various questions based on that topic. (Multiple Choice, True/False, Short Answer, or Essay)

Multiple Choice Distractor

The Distractor Generator saves Regulators and Exam Experts extensive time and costs of making Distractors (wrong answers) that are relevant to the question being asked. Simply insert the question and let A.I give you a list of distractors on the spot that are based on the data you input.

Question Variation

The Question Variation Generator is a great tool to create different versions of questions already in your item bank. This way test takers are not all getting the exact same question, plus it allows you to fill out your item bank with more material and a wider range of questions.

Questions from References

With Question Generator from Reference questions are generated from your own reference data! Our AI will read through the material and build questions based on the supplied reference data. You can choose specific paragraphs, sections, and even whole chapters from any digital content or textbooks. What's more all generated questions will be tagged with the provided reference location metadata.

Easily Integrate our AI Generators with Our Testing Platform

Our AI question generators seamlessly integrate with our testing platform which includes Item Authoring, review, version control, workflow, and quality control tools, creating a powerful synergy for content creation and management. The AI question generators expedite the question generation process, ensuring efficiency and consistency. Authors can easily collaborate, review, and edit questions within our platform, while version control mechanisms maintain a history of changes. Workflows are streamlined, promoting a systematic and structured content development process. Moreover, our quality control tools help maintain the highest standards in question quality, ultimately delivering a superior assessment product. This integration empowers our clients to effortlessly create, refine, and maintain their assessment content with precision and confidence.

Expand your Item Bank!

Sign up for our AI Generator and expand your item bank. Using AI, this can save your organization time and costs as AI will generate questions, distractors and more. Save your Subject Matter Experts (SME's) and organization's time, and your Simply tell the AI a subject, or submit a textbook for the AI to create questions based on specific material. 
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