Proctoring System

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Our proctoring system allows organizations and proctors the accessibility to overview the activities of users during exams, tests, and assessments. If any suspicious activities occur, the proctor can pause or end the test for the user to enforce security that the test is done in an honest manner.
The Proctor
Here at Assessbank we are flexible with proctoring organizations. If your organization has a specific proctor in mind, we can adapt and work with your choice. We can also work directly with the proctor during the test by keeping in close communication and working through any issues or concerns that arise. 
Proctor System Training
We understand learning a new system can be stressful. Here at Assessbank we take pride in training our clients to know our systems inside and out. If there are any concerns about the proctor(s) lacking knowledge about the system, we can show them exactly everything they need to know and how to do it before the day of the test. During the day of the test, one of our developers be be monitoring the test and keeping in close communication with the organization and proctor. They will be ready to quickly jump into action and answer any questions or concerns they may have. 
View this demonstrative video on Assessbank's Proctoring System
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