Benefits of Online Exams and Assessments

Save Time
Online or Computer-Based Exams can come with the benefit of automated marking and no printing. As soon as the exam is finished by those assigned to the test, the results can immediately be reviewed
Save the Environment
It's time to move on from paper based exams. When switching to Computer-Based Exams, the carbon footprint drastically decreases. Printing can make an environmental impact as the number of exams that are printed out for each test, and the waste from printing errors is reduced. With online exams, they are more accessible from remote locations, where test takers won't have to drive their vehicles, limiting emissions. Switching to online exams is more sustainable for your company
Save Costs
No more printing, no more shipping, no more waste. Cost savings are one of the many benefits of computer based exams. Printing can be a large cost with the amount of pages and ink being used, where online exams use zero paper. Shipping costs can be reduced as well from the switch, paper quantities can be reduced as a result. Paper waste from printing errors can be a cost your company doesn't like to have. With fewer amount of exams being printed with computer based exams, those costs can also be expected to decrease
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