Why Choose Assessbank?

Assessbank understands testing. We possess a proven track record of designing and delivering defensible online examination programs for regulated professions in Canada using the Assessbank platform. The platform itself is purpose-built for a wide variety testing applications and its structure and function both mirrors and supports the psychometric processes required to implement them. These functions are in active use across the country with clients in diverse professions such as Engineering, Physiotherapy, Agrology, and Dental Hygiene for both knowledge and performance-based examinations.


Our business model is to customize and modify a battle tested, high stakes, assessment software for our clients. We work with clients to develop appropriate project time lines and due dates that meet our client's end goals.

Work Together

We partner with our clients and believe their success is our success. Our team builds strong relationships with our clients that are cooperative and collaborative. We also have the confidence to use our expertise and experience to share alternative solutions when they may better fit the situation.

Manage Risk

Our team has a proven track record of standing with our clients to solve their needs even when there are challenging timelines or requirements. We have successful customized solutions running right now, across Canada with clients in different sectors and under different regulations.
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